May 17

My Favorite Blog!

Hi Guys,

For this SBC this week weʻre doing our favorite blogs. My favorite blog to read is Sarahʻs blog. (Not Sarah from HMS.) Her blog has many things to look at and this intro to her blog is AMAZING! She has many posts on her page and puts lots of detail in them. Most of her blogs on her page are like essays! Thereʻs some many paragraphs!

Some of the blogs I like to read is her family post, her trip to Disney World, and her world hunger blog. I like those blogs because theyʻre long and have many things to read about. In her posts usually, her paragraphs are about different things she saw, did, or went to.

Thanks for reading, BYE!

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May 12

Weekly Themed Post: 4

Hey guys,

Welcome back! Today I am talking about life hacks. If you want to watch the video click here! It’s about life hacks with food like, with a chicken wing you find the fatter side and you pull out the bigger bone and the other bone and you have a good boneless chicken wing! If you have a plate of pasta you want to heat up you make a circle in the middle and it heats everywhere evenly! Even on the outside!

May 10

Why I commented on these posts.

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to talk about the classes that I left comments on. My first comment I left is a post called All About Me, Alex. I left a comment on his post because his writing was fantastic! He’s only in second grade but, he puts so much detail into what he’s writing!

Dear Alex,

Wow you’re such a great writer! You’re one of the better second grade writers I’ve seen in a long time! Keep up the awesome work!



The second post I left a comment on is a post about her family. She was hilarious on what she said. She called her family FAM[ily]. Fam is a slang word we use now and ily means I love you. I commented on her post because she wrote so many nice things about her family and how she has many pets. She also calls her family lit which to me is loving and cool.

Hi Sarah,
Wow, I love this post, itʻs HILARIOUS! I like how you say FAM[ily] and that your family is lit. Keep up your funny work.(your blog is lit af).


The last blog I commented on is Measurement in Math. I liked it because those students were doing fun and easy activities that helped them learn more on how to measure. That teacher was really smart to make fun activities, for easier and quicker learning.

Hi Scott,

Wow! I really like your blog and how you make learning for your young students easy! It’s super cool and smart how you give them easy activities that are fun and make them learn easy!





May 4

SBC: Week 7 Digital Footprints

Hey guys, today Iʻm comparing the two videos that Miss. W showed us.

The first video is saying about your “footprint” you leave when you log into any website. It also says what you do on that website can be seen, for me thatʻs pretty scary because now you know nothing is private. Even what you do on that website can be found and copied by anybody! Creepy!  If anyone finds out it can be passed on to anyone even your teacher! What is found can be permanent!

The second video someone is talking and it has more information. She says your dossier isnʻt started a month ago, it started before you were born. It first started when you were in the womb at five months when you got your first ultrasound.  She said your digital dossier grows everytime you login or sign up to a website. The character in the website is called Andy, and when he signs up for a website his dossier grows. When Andy gets to college and orders books off of Amazon and fills out his address his dossier grows even more!

I prefer the second video because it has someone talking and has more information. She tells you a timeline of her character Andy and his digital dossier and how it grows. She has a very detailed timeline throughout his life. It says it starts with his ultrasound and ends after Andy dies. It has good information I recommend watching that video. BYE!

May 2

SBC: Great Post! Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino!


Hey guys! Welcome back.

Today weʻre going to talk about Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. I know it sounds weird but thereʻs a bunch of buzz about it!  Starbucks had come up with many drinks before but this frappuccino is the latest drink. Watch this video if you want to see more about the Unicorn Frappuccino!

Ok, this is what it looks like! (on the bottom) Itʻs weird but it looks like a galaxy of liquid. I heard from a video that it takes A LOT of work to make the drink. The drink is also contraversial because some people like because of their flavors and colors but, some other people are mad because itʻs not as good and it takes work. (Also I heard that when you mix it the drink changes flavors).

Some people tell me all the time from social media and other places that every time they go and get the frappuccino the ingredients are sold out! If so many people dislike it, then I wonder why itʻs sold out all the time? I looked on a webiste and said the frappuccino is on high-demand because itʻs once again “the latest thing.”  Sadly, the Unicorn Frappucino is not going to be in stock anymore because of the hard work to make it and Starbucks wants more people to try their other types of beverages.

Hereʻs some key ingredients.

Ice, Milk, Crème Frappuccino Syrup, Whipped Cream, Blue Drizzle, Mango Syrup, Pink Power, Sour Blue Power, and Star Sprinkles.  Hope you guys like my post! BYE!

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April 20

Weekly Themed Post

Hey guys!! Welcome back!

Today we’re going to talk about traveling for volleyball! For this sport you travel for a bid and qualifiers. For girls they either travel once or twice. It’s the same for boys but the boys travel in July and girls travel in June. Some of the places you may travel are Ohio, Texas, California, Reno, Indianapolis, etc. Traveling is fun for any sport because you play a lot of different teams in the mainland!

April 15

SBC Week #5 Family Post

Hi guys! Welcome back, so today I’m doing a post about my family. I have five members in my family including me. I have my mom Marisa, my dad Richard, my sister Risa, and my tortoise Rocky.  My mom is a Pharamacist and my dad is a manger for a mailing company in the airport. My sister Risa play volleyball for Kamehamha and plays volleyball for Lanikai Althetic Club and plays basketball for Kamehamha and for 808.

March 8

SBC Week #1


Hey, guys! For our Student Blogging Challenge this week we’re doing a post about our avatar and how relates to us. It relates to me by having glasses because I have glasses, I also like to wear jackets because I’m usually a cold person, and our hair is the same because it’s combed to the right. Here’s the link if you want to try! The website name is Avatar Maker.

February 23

Weekly Themed Post: Volleyball Positions

Hi guys! Today weʻre talking about volleyball positions, so Iʻm doing one type of position today which is Setter. So setter will only stay right back or right front. If youʻre running a 5-1 offense which only has one setter your setter will play front row and back row if youʻre running a 6-2 offense your setter will play opposite and in the back row that player will play setter. Setter is the person who sets the ball and will get to touch every ball.

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